Announcing the USRA 55 Ton Hopper Premium Instructions

We’re finally back with our second premium instructions kit!

Announcing the Brick Model Railroader USRA 55 ton hopper premium instructions.

USRA Hopper Box Cover

First constructed by our own Cale Leiphart, we decided to pass this model on to the community in the form of premium instructions. As with all premium instructions, we will include the custom elements needed to build the model. In this case, that will only include the ball bearing-equipped wheel sets which are used in the trucks. All you need to do is gather the standard Lego parts from your own collection and you’ll be on your way to a great hopper model.

You can watch our full review of the hopper instructions by following this link.

On this round of premium instructions, we took several steps to bring our presentation to new levels. Things including using a new box, using different instruction protectors, and cleaning up our serial numbers and fonts may not seem like much, but they make a difference on the whole. We care about our presentation, so hopefully you’ll agree with us that we have improved since releasing the boxcar.

We’ve also taken great measures to improve the part list included in the instructions. We got some feedback on the boxcars saying that the part list was a little difficult to use. In the new configuration, we included the image of the part, Bricklink part name and number, the color of the part required, and the quantity needed. All parts used on the outside are labeled as “Body color,” so it will be easy to change the color of the model.

Speaking of different model colors, we are offering EIGHT unique decals which you can use on your hopper. Those who buy decals will also receive these decal maps (the images below) for easy application.

Reading USRA
N&W USRA Hopper
PRR USRA hopper
Eire USRA Hopper
Peabody USRA
Lackawanna Hopper
LV Hopper

In addition to releasing the hoppers, we will also have more of our original premium instruction kits, the Pullman PS-1 40′ boxcar. We still have decals available for this car too.

And, of course, we will have extra wheel sets available for purchase for those wanting to build more than one car. All of the products mentioned above; the hopper and boxcar premium instructions, decals, and wheel sets will be available in our online store.

We will also have a few boxcar and hoppers available at the Warminster Brick Shop in Warminster, Pennsylvania. As friends of the proprietor, we worked out a deal to include our products in his store. This is an exciting opportunity for the both of us, and hopefully this will open doors for BMR to have our products available in more locations, both online and in person.

Once again, we would like to thank the community for the amazing and unanimous support. Brick Model Railroader would not be able to do cool stuff like this without the support of our fans, and we could not be more grateful.

Thanks, and happy building.

Cale Leiphart & Glenn Holland

BMR Staff, Contributors, Model Team, etc.


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