PFx Brick Train Integration Demo

Fx Bricks has been busy uploading some videos to their YouTube channel recently.

In the interest of us train fans, they have posted a two-part video demonstration showing how the PFx brick can be integrated into a stock locomotive.

Part one shows the physical installation of the control system in the locomotive…

…and part two shows one of hundreds of ways you can configure the remote.

Personally, my favorite feature is the ability to program many features into all four channels without having to change the channel on an IR receiver, as well as the intensely finer speed control ability, while being able to emergency-stop the locomotive at anytime on any channel.

If you haven’t already, consider backing the PFx Brick kickstarter. Fx Bricks has also recently announced they will feature Bluetooth control fully integrated into the PFx brick, largely thanks to the feedback of the community and backers.

I’m looking forward to seeing this nifty device reach it’s full potential.



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