A follow-up on a follow-up

After Elroy followed up on my article about scaled Lego Trains within an already scaled L-gauge environment, this time around with a moving example, I had to follow-up on that one again. For good reasons though. Just check out the video and see it for yourself.

Miniture Train Video – by Alexander

Of course all credits go to its builder, Alexander.

This small display was actually also an inception on it’s own, since in itself is part of Alexander’s larger display, the Railway Museum. You can see it in all it’s glory here:

Brickvention 2017 - MLTC Train Layout

This in itself is already an brilliant idea, or to speak in Alexander’s words in a previous version of this module: “A fairly simple way to fill a module and a good way to show off my locos :-)”

This layout then was again part of the even larger MLTC (the Melbourne Lego Train Club) layout for Brickvention 2017 which you can see here, and from which I expect a lot more pictures will surface in the next couple of days:

Brickvention 2017 - MLTC Train Layout

Overall, I think the best I can say is “well played”!

/Edit on January 18th: Changed this post to include also Alexander’s Railway Museum module plus an overview picture of Brickvention 2017.

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