Narrow Gauge Mining Railway

I Scream Clone and his son (Trainiac) decided to try their hand at building a narrow gauge railway. Originally built for the April 2016 Sydney Brick Show, the steam engines and coaches were based off a failed LEGO Cuusoo design by Concore, the diesel design was all ISC and his son!

photo by I Scream Clone

photo by I Scream Clone

The wonderful little scene is a great lesson in “less is sometimes more”. The diminutive narrow gauge equipment, and the ramshackle buildings are simple in construction, but well thought out, with just enough of the right details to make them come to life. The landscape itself is uncluttered but still full of detail.

A tiny narrow gauge steam train trundles along. photo by I Scream Clone

This is a great example of father and son working together and having fun with the LEGO train hobby. Both father and son should be proud.

You can find more of I Scream Clone’s work on his Flickr Gallery.

photo by I scream Clone

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