Where To Buy Parts

Need parts for a model you are building? Looking for that vintage train set from your childhood? You are some places you can buy the LEGO® you need.

LEGO ShopThe LEGO company’s official online store.

BricklinkThe best place to buy and sell LEGO® parts. But be careful, there’s a reason they call it “cracklink”. You just might get addicted.

ebay Find those old sets your mom sold when you went away to college.

ME Models Need track? Maybe the guys at ME can help.

Big Ben Bricks Need train wheels? Big Ben Bricks has a shiny new set of steam drivers just for you.

Shupp’s Brick Train Stuff – Shapeways shop of Nate Brill, for more sizes of steam drivers.

4DBrix – Custom train and monorail, track and accessories.

TrixBrix – More custom track options.

altBricks – Novel Bricks and Elements.

SBrick Bluetooth control for Power Functions.

Buwizz More power, more control for Power Functions builds.

LifeLitesLight up your trains.

Brickstuff– Also light up your trains.

Trained Bricks – Custom side rods for your steam engine.

Rail Fonts Railroad lettering for you next decal project.

SRW Locomotive Works Custom train model instructions.


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