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San Francisco Cable Car: Support it on LEGO Ideas!

I have a soft spot for trolleys, and so does LEGO Ideas user, kevinszeto. He has posted a few of these vehicles to LEGO’s crowdsourcing platform, including one which hit 10,000 supporters but failed to pass the review process.

This has not stopped him from posting other trolley projects, including this iconic San Francisco cable car.  Unfortunately, it has 35 days left unless it hits 5,000 by that time. It would be a great shame for this lovely model to fade into obscurity. If you would love to have one of these, go here and hit the “support” button. Share it with anyone who might be interested!

Kevin was lucky enough to have his Yellow Submarine project get turned into a set. While the Beatles are cool, an official LEGO trolley would be tough to beat!