LEGO® Train and Fan Websites

Oficial LEGO® Sites


LEGO Ideas


LEGO® History

Miniland Online – Early history of the LEGO Group, including wooden toys.

Train Building Resources

L-Guage.orgExcellent information resource.

Brickset Your LEGO® set guide. 

BlueBrick – LEGO® track layout design software

nControl – Track planning and automation software from 4DBrix

LDraw – LDraw™ is an open standard for LEGO CAD programs

Peeron – Set database with set inventories and an instruction scan repository.

Philo’s Home Page – Everything you ever wanted to know about the inner workings of LEGO® motors and Mindstorms®.

LEGO® Gear Ratio Calculator

Model Scaler

LEGO® Wheel Size Chart

LEGO® Unit Converter

Woodland Scenics® Model Scaler App

LEGO® Photo Sharing Sites

Flickr – Photo sharing website

LEGO® Train MOCs Flickr 

LEGO® Train Ideas Flickr

LEGO® Train MOCs: Layouts and Dioramas Flickr

LEGO® Train Builders Flickr

LEGO® Train MOCs: Top Notch Photos and Layouts Flickr

Brickshelf – The original LEGO® Fan photo sharing site.
MOCpages – Share your LEGO® creations.
Fan Forums

EurobricksUniting LEGO® fans around the world

Eurobricks LEGO® Town

Eurobricks LEGO® Train Tech

LEGO® Train Fan Club on Facebook – a Facebook group for LEGO® Train fans

LUGNETThe international fan-created LEGO® Users Group Network

LEGO® Fan Magazines

Brickjournal – The first and still the best

HispaBrick – Great magazine in Spanish and English

LEGO® Fan Blogs

The Brothers Brick

The New Elementary


The Brick Fan

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