BMR Team

“Set Up Running” Meet the team behind Brick Model Railroader

Cale Leiphart – BMR Creator

Photo by Anthony Sava
Cale, delirious from all the train excitement at Brickworld, jumps from one of the PennLUG bridges, landing un climactically 2 feet bellow. Photo by Anthony Sava

Cale Leiphart received his first LEGO® train set, 7722 Steam Cargo Train, one Christmas at the age of 8. And thus began his slow downward spiral into the dark world of LEGO@ trains. Interrupted by a brief period in the early 2000s that he calls “My castle phase”, Cale turned his complete energy back to trains in 2006 when his newly formed club, PennLUG, participated in the NMRA National Train Show that year in Philadelphia.

Cale has become an accomplished builder in the LEGO® train community, winning many awards and giving presentations at fan conventions, writing articles on trains for various LEGO® fan magazines, and leading PennLUG in developing one of the premier club train layouts in North America. His favorite subject to model is steam era railroads from his home state of Pennsylvania.

Cale is a true rail fan who loves railroad history. When not building LEGO® models he can be found collecting books on railroads, visiting train museums, researching railroad history, and riding trains. We’re pretty sure its a sickness.

You can find Cale’s LEGO® models on his Flickr Gallery


Glenn Holland – BMR Contributor

After yet another need for a rebuild (likely a drop from the table or just plain bad design,) Glenn reassembles his Cotton Belt Route atlantic type locomotive at Brickfair Virginia 2016. Photo by Cale Leiphart

Glenn has been a life-long fan of both trains and LEGO. His first set was the 4561 Railway Express, which he received for Christmas in the early 2000’s. He has been collecting sets and building MOCs ever since. Glenn started his current layout in 2006 when he bought the 7897-1 Passenger Train, and it has progressed into an entire corner of his basement. He plans to build a new layout from scratch sometime in the future.

In 2014, Glenn joined PennLUG’s train layout at Philly Brickfest where he unveiled his Pennsylvania Railroad Streamlined K4s locomotive. He has since been working alongside the rest of the PennLUG train builders in working on the layout, and was a part of the small team which completed PennLUG’s famous roundhouse in Spring of 2015. Since then Glenn has been working to expand his train fleet.

Glenn has a Flickr page and a Youtube channel, where he often uploads videos pertaining to LEGO trains.

When not building or going to college, Glenn enjoys video games and playing guitar.


Anthony Sava – BMR Contributor

Elroy Davis – BMR Contributor

Elroy Davis
Elroy and youngest daughter Caliana discussing their next train layout.

Elroy first became interested in trains as a young child, drooling over his older brother’s HO layout.  That interest lay dormant until around the turn of the century when he visited a train show featuring a layout of the New England LEGO User’s Group (NELUG).  Soon after the show he joined NELUG and, not much longer after that, found two copies of 4535 – LEGO Express Deluxe at a local toy store, kicking off his journey into the world of brick-built trains.

These days Elroy collects and models in multiple scales, including N, S, L, and 1/8 scale Live Steam, focusing much of his research and time on the former Rutland Railroad of Vermont.  When not working with trains, Elroy spends his time raising four of his five daughters (one has gone off to college), building non-train projects, and taking part in historical reenactments of the American Revolution.

Jim Catagnus – BMR Web Master