Premium Instruction Restocks and New Decals Added to the BMR Store

Premium Instruction Restocks

Many have been asking when we will be restocking our first four Premium Instruction Kits, and we’ve been listening. Previously, we’ve made a batch of kits to sell, and when they’ve sold out, you would have to wait until we could restock again. We’re going to do things a little different this time though. Since it’s hard for us to gauge demand for each kit, this time we are going to do a pre-order run. So we are opening up pre-orders today, February 5th and will keep it open until March 5th, and how ever many orders we have for each kit is how many we will produce. Once orders are closed, we will need a little time to get the instruction books in from the printer, parts for the wheel sets, and assemble kits. We hope to start shipping orders in mid to late March.

We are doing this for two reasons. Firstly, we hope by doing this that every one who has not had a chance to buy one or all of the cars yet will be able to get them. Second, as we are looking to produce new Premium Instructions for 2018, we want to focus most of our energy toward those new projects, so we are hoping we can do one last big run of the four original cars before diving headlong into new ones. Don’t worry, the original four won’t be gone for good by any means. We hope you’ll agree with us when we want to offer more exciting and new stuff, ideas for which are more than plentiful.

You can find the Pullman PS-1 Box Car, USRA 55ton Hopper, ACF Type 27 Tank Car, and AAR 70ton 53ft Flat Car in our online store.

Brick Model Railroader Store

Pullman PS-1 40ft Boxcar

Box cover for the boxcar premium instructions.

USRA 55ton 2 Bay Hopper

USRA Hopper Box Cover

ACF Type 27 Tank Car

American Car & Foundry Type 27 Tank Car Premium Instruction Kit

AAR 53ft, 70ton Flatcar

AAR 53ft, 70ton Flatcar Premium Instruction Kit

Depending on sales, we also hope to have a few extra of each kit to stock in our online store, but if you want a kit, we recommend not waiting. This will be the last regular run of these first four Premium Instruction Kits for a while.

New Decal Sets

Great Northern decal set for our AAR 53ft flat car.
Canadian Pacific decal set for the AAR flat car.

You builders out there have also been asking us for new decal sets for the Premium Instruction cars. We are happy to announce the release several new decal sets for each car, twenty eight new decal sets in total. We’re doing our best to produce a wide geographical range from all over North America, that are prototypical and accurate to each car.

Reading Billboard PS-1 Decals

Of corse we still have available all our original decals for each car too. You can find all of these in the decal section of our store.

BMR Decals

And don’t forget we have extra wheel sets available as well.

Bearing Wheel Sets

And thank you for supporting Brick Model Railroader

5 thoughts on “Premium Instruction Restocks and New Decals Added to the BMR Store”

  1. Hey now! Andy made those Gulf decals for me! Glad you saw that BMR could use them. I’ve got two 10K tanks built but in blue but there is no 6×6 dish for the ends. Dark Blue doesn’t look bad. Dark Azure is a possibility since the new boost robot set has 4 of them in it. Anyway, what I’d really like to know is what size of tank are the Sinclair and Gulf cars. 8K? 10K? Also is the platform around the dome just another possible feature of a AC&F type 27 tanker? I’ve been looking for prototype info on the Gulf car and have not come up with anything yet.
    Is this link an AC&F product?

    1. The Gulf car I’m using as a reference is a 10,000 gallon. I only have models to reference though so there could have been 8,000 ones too.

      The Sinclair I have found models in both 8,000 and 10,000 gallon. But the only photo of a real car I have found shows what looks to be a 10,000 gallon.

      The 6×6 dish is an issue for both blue and green. My suggestion is going to be to try the smaller 4×4 dish. The dome on the Sinclair is also an issue in green. I’m going to suggest doing it in black, some cars did have their domes painted differently than the rest of the tank. I don’t think this option will look too bad.

      Picking paint schemes for older tank cars is a real challenge. 95% of the ones out there are all over black, and very utilitarian in lettering. Very few stand out, and even fewer look nice enough to have wide appeal. And a lot of those can be difficult to do because of color availability or graphics that are hard to work with. But I’m trying.

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