BMR’s New Premium Instructions, Restocks, Locomotive, and More!

Hello everybody again, and Happy OcTRAINber!

We hope everyone is having fun building their entries for our first build competition, OcTRAINber! Be sure to read the rules if you have any questions, as well as this one, and check out this article for a description of the AWESOME prizes we have to offer for the winners! I’m enjoying seeing the entries so far and I’m looking forward to seeing what else is entered as the competition draws to a close in a couple weeks. remember, entries are only eligible for prizes if they are submitted to the Brick Model Railroader Flickr group.

The back of the tank car premium instructions box.

As many of you already know, we have been preparing to release our third premium instruction kit, the American Car & Foundry Type 27 tank car! We have included instructions which will allow the builder to model either an 8,000 gallon or 10,000 tank with one, two, or three domes for each. That’s a total of SIX individual models you can build! We will have decals available for each model, shown below:

Shell decals for the 8,000 gallon single dome model.
1920’s style OCTAN decals for the 8,000 gallon double dome model.
ACFX decals for the 8,000 gallon triple dome model, based on the car in Strasburg, Pennsylvania.
US Army decals for the 10,000 gallon single dome model.
Esso decals for the 10,000 gallon double dome model.
1940’s style OCTAN decals for the 10,000 gallon triple dome model.

We will have 50 tank cars for sale initially, and they will cost $37. We also will be restocking 35 of our USRA 55-ton hoppers and another 15 of the PS-1 boxcar premium instructions. All of these products will be available in our online store on Monday, October 23, 2017. We will also have the video review uploaded to our YouTube channel this weekend.

If you don’t follow Brick Model Railroader on our social media outlets, you definitely should! We’ve made this announcement everywhere but on our website: WE ARE BUILDING A LOCOMOTIVE, and we are VERY excited about it! We have posted a few teasers recently. So far, the details are scarce, but we have announced that it will be a United States steam locomotive and we will be selling it in some form online. Cale and I have been working to perfect the connecting rods and valve gear on the locomotive and we’re about finished with that, as well as the chassis and drive train. Once these harder topics are done with, the locomotive will begin to take shape very quickly. Be sure to follow Brick Model Railroader on social media for more frequent updates.

The locomotive shops have been busy working on BMR’s first locomotive kit.

Lastly, Cale and i will be attending the TCA York meet in York, Pennsylvania on Saturday, October 21, 2017! The TCA is the Train Collectors Association who hold two bi-annual meets in York, Pennsylvania in the Spring and Fall seasons. You have to be a member to attend the show, but they allow you to attend as a guest once before requiring membership. Guest attendees are required to register at the door if they have not registered online, since the convention is only a couple days away. If you’re in the York, Pennsylvania area this weekend, stop by and find us! We are looking forward to this amazing show.

That takes care of our updates. Thank you all for your support of Brick Model Railroader, and don’t forget to keep working on those OcTRAINber entires!

Take care, and happy building.

Glenn Holland

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      1. The last thing I want to be is a pushy internet person, so you can take this or leave it, but if you release Western Pacific “feather” or Santa Fe “map” decals for the boxcar, you will make my day.

    1. It’s possible they ran 10,000 gallon cars as well. Most of the decal sets should fit any of the 6 versions. I think the Army tank logos
      may get covered by the running boards on some versions, and the Shippers Car Line decals have some dome specific decals.

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