Throwback: RAILBRICKS Kits

We posted these few photos on the BMR Facebook and Instagram pages on Sunday, and I felt they’d be fitting to throw in this article.

For those that don’t already know, Brick Model Railroader came into existence after the previous Lego train community hub, the online publication RAILBRICKS, fell apart. Many of the contributors and staff members got busy with other aspects of their lives, and so could not channel energy into RAILBRICKS.

The creator and original editor of RAILBRICKS is a gentleman by the name of Jeramy Spurgeon. Before stepping down from the Editor position, he managed to sell a couple limited edition kits. Both of these kits are 6 stud wide models but are still packed with detail.

The first of the two models sold is an EMD SW 1200, modeled in Burlington Northern livery. It was sold unpowered, but used several interesting and effective techniques. I personally really like the taper in the hood of the locomotive. The model cam with all bricks included in a nice box, with printed instructions, waterslide decals, and signed certificate of authenticity.

The second model was a 50 foot flatcar, built free-hand. This model utilizes some cool SNOT building, with the sides of the car built with studs facing sideways.

The kit was sold in reddish brown with a dark bluish grey deck. Like the SW 1200, it was also sold in a decorated box with printed instructions, waterslide decals labeled for the Pennsylvania railroad, and certificate of authenticity.

Jeramy has made these instructions available for download on MagCloud.

It’s cool to take a look at the previous train kits that came before BMR was even thought of.

Happy building!



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