Railfanning, June 2017

Hello dear readers. Yes, I know our regular train content has dropped in recent weeks. Preparing for a major convention, Brickworld, and launching our new store has monopolized much of our time. But we’re back from Brickworld, we’ll have a full report later this weekend once all our photos and video are sorted through, and the store is now going. So lets get back to LEGO® trains.

Nothing too serious today. But I wanted to take the opportunity to spot light some nice LEGO train models that have appeared on line lately. So let’s do some LEGO Railfanning.

Ludborough Signal box with a 455. Models and photo by Gareth Ellis.

Crampton Locomotives by Nikolaus Lowe
Crampton “Die Pfalz” train

The Crampton locomotive was a type of steam locomotive designed by Thomas Russell Crampton and built by several firms from beginning in 1846. The main British builders were Tulk and Ley and Robert Stephenson and Company.

Crampons were notable for a low boiler and large driving wheels. The key feature of the Crampton patent was that the single driving axle was placed behind the firebox, so that the driving wheels could be very large. This helped to give this design a low centre of gravity, so that it did not require a very broad-gauge track to travel safely at high speeds. Its wheel arrangement was usually 4-2-0 or 6-2-0.

Crampton PF train

I love Nikolaus’ models of this unique locomotive type. They are small yet nicely detailed. And the trains they are paired with perfectly fit the character of the locomotives. Be sure to check out the rest of Nikolaus’ Flickr gallery, he has more great trains models and some other neat stuff as well.

BNSF SD70ACe by Andy Mollman

Andrew is no stranger to building modern diesel locomotives, and his latest model of the EMD SD70 ACe in Burlington Northern & Santa Fe livery does not disappoint. Besides his usual electronics wizardry, Andy shows off his decal skill as well with this engine. For those who don’t know Andrew is now producing LEGO train decals though OKBrickWorks. Check them out, they’re doing some awesome stuff.

Riding the Frisco with EROL
Frisco GP15-1

Flickr member EROL has been on a Frisco kick lately, and the result is two lovely diesels. A GP15-1 and a GP38-2.


Both engines feature some well done, brick built lettering, lighting, and even animated fans on the hood.

GP38-2 - radiators

Saddle Tank 0-4-0 by Canvas Rails
0-4-0 in Dark Blue

It’s small, it has all the right details, it’s dark blue, and it’s so darn cute. How could one not love this little 0-4-0 saddle tank locomotive by Canvas Rails. And it runs.

Brickvention Melbourne Australia 2016
EMD Model 40 Switcher by Commander Wolf
EMD Model 40

The EMD Model 40 was a two-axle diesel-electric locomotive built by Electro-Motive Corporation, and its corporate successor, General MotorsElectro-Motive Division (EMD) between August 1940 and April 1943. Nicknamed “critters”, eleven examples of this locomotive were built, powered by twin General Motors Detroit Diesel 6-71 diesel engines, which produced a combined 300 horsepower (224 kW). Original buyers included the Electro-Motive Corporation/EMD Plant #2 switcher, Defense Plant Corporation (4 units), the United States Army (3 units), and the United States Navy (2 units), General Motors Cleveland Diesel Division (1 unit).

Commander Wolf’s model of the tiny little Model 40 show that cool things can come in small packages. Not only does it capture the look of the switcher well, it also is packed with a Power Functions battery and I.R. receiver and a Technic 9v motor. A true packaging feat indeed.

The little Model 40 exposed.
The Model 40’s underside.

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