We’re Rolling Out!

It’s Friday, June 16 at 3 PM EST, and that means that the Brick Model Railroader Store is open for business!

Please read the following post for some important information.

Shipping (for premium instructions ONLY)

Shipping inside the United States will be $13.60 via flat rate box. This price was determined by the USPS website, and is comparable to a Brickmania kit of similar size.

Orders with multiple copies of premium instructions will be sent via larger box. Email glenn@brickmodelrailroader.com for more information.

Shipping for other items

Decals and stickers will be mailed via envelope  with $1.50.

Components such as wheel assemblies will be mailed via padded envelope for $2.50.

For international shipping inquires, please email glenn@brickmodelrailroader.com for assistance.

Shipping for combined orders will be determined by the largest item ordered. For example, if you order the premium instructions and the decals, we’ll only charge you shipping for the boxcar. If you order wheelsets and decals, we’ll only charge for the wheelsets.

I would like to make everyone aware of the following disclaimer about our premium instructions:

By purchasing these instructions, you agree not to sell,  reproduce, or distribute these instructions. You also agree not to sell or distribute the model made from these instructions.

My partner in crime Cale is at Brickworld as I write, and I know that several people there have expressed interest in buying premium instructions, so I expect them to go fast. Grab one while you can!

If not, no worries! We’ll be accepting back-orders for our next run. Once we run out, the store should automatically go into “back-order mode,” and you should receive a notification of some sort stating that the product you have requested is on back order. We’ll work on fulfilling those sometime after Brickworld is over.

Pen-ultimately, I would like to ask the community and fans to bear with us – we’re really figuring this out as we go along. Please keep in mind that the premium instructions and store are facilitated by two people who have little experience with running a store, but are trying their best. We’re really grateful to be a part of such an understanding an awesome community.

We’re finally moving with these instructions, and Cale and I are both extremely happy to be able to do this. It represents a long period of thought and effort on both our parts, and we think you’ll be really happy with the result.



3 thoughts on “We’re Rolling Out!”

  1. I bought one at these kits at BrickWorld 2017. I’d rate the printed instruction booklets as darn near on par, quality wise, with any set of instructions put out by Lego itself. The additional pages about the historical background of the prototype is a nice inclusion, and a fun bit of train fan icing on the cake.

    The included bearing-equipped wheelsets really run free, and are a HUGE improvement in terms of rolling resistance and drag reduction over any other method of constructing Lego rolling stock trucks that I have seen so far.

    They are so good in fact, that when BMR finally gets them up for sale in the store, I am seriously reconsidering retro-fitting them onto my entire fleet of train cars.

    Well done, BMR boys. Keep those Lego train kits and parts a coming.

  2. Very excited about BMR and the boxcar instructions! Just put in an order, any idea when you’ll be filling the back orders?

    Learned of the site via the most recent issue of Brick Journal.

    Some might consider this boring, but I’d love to see an article about how PennLUG came together and tips about creating, organizing, and sustaining a successful LUG. I live in a pretty large metropolitan area, but can’t seem to get any interest.

    Keep up the great work!

    1. We’d like to ship out the back orders in the middle of July. Unfortunately we are at the mercy of the postal service as we have many components on order from our suppliers.

      BMR is not strictly limited to PennLUG, even though our two more prominent staff members are in PennLUG. There may be potential for an article of that nature on a non train specific resource in the future.

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