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Hello fans of Lego Trains and BMR…

As you (hopefully) know, we have started creating model/instruction kits (premium instructions is what we call them) for BMR’s mascot boxcar, which is a Pullman PS-1 40′ boxcar, lettered to advertise BMR. We almost have every problem solved, and therefore we’ll be ready to roll out and set a sale date soon, so stay tuned for that.

Looking a little farther down the road, we plan to release more premium instructions, and eventually sell a full kit. But we have to get there first.

So, we’re looking for your feedback. We have two models that are planning to be sold as premium instructions, but we want to hear back from you, the community, fans, and builders, what you want first. So, here’s a quick poll for you:

  1. Which premium instruction model would you like to see from us first?
    • USRA 55-Ton Hopper (Standardized design used by many railroads. An example model can be seen on the PennLUG layout.)
    • United States Railroad tank car (Undetermined design as of now, could be 8000 or 10000 gallon model from various railroads)
  2. In a general response, what kinds of premium instruction kits would you like us to produce?
  3. Would you be interested in a locomotive kit, provided all parts, electronic components, and custom parts were included? Price could be expensive (up to $1000 USD).

We’re really excited about producing more premium instructions and kits, but we want to make sure there’s interest from the community.


Thanks for your time and response!

13 thoughts on “Community Feedback Poll (Please Respond)”

  1. I think there is a general lacking of accurate tanker cars in the community, however I think it’s because of lack of interesting bits (greebles). If the tank car could be done to a high degree of detail (hand rails, catwalk, drains) I’d opt for that. If it were another boring stack of 4x4x5 quarter rounds, I think I’d prefer the hopper!

    As far as locomotives, there is currently a plethora of instructions and inspiration available (locomotives are what people focus on). I’d prefer more selection of detailed rolling stock (mostly freight, as passenger color schemes typically aren’t generic enough for use in most layouts). Freight also spans different eras better; heavyweight passenger cars don’t work well on a modern layout.
    I’d also like to see more diesel and electric locomotives, as steam have too much attention in my eyes (mostly from nostalgia and a wide selection of prototypes).

  2. 1. I think since hopper are more recognizable you should do that.
    2. and 3. I think making more kits would be a good idea I don’t know about full $1000 steam engine kits. I think selling full steam engine instructions is a great idea. I would be willing to pay 40-60 $ for just instructions of one of cales articulates. I think the more instructions you produce the more standard in the Lego train community you will create. just my thoughts
    -C Cosby

  3. 1) I’m definitely would love to see a Tank car.
    2) I love passenger trains so perhaps a Streamlined coach or even heavyweight
    3) As far as a kit – it’s very labor intensive gathering the parts for a nice locomotive but I would be happy just with instructions and special or custom parts

  4. 1. USRA 55-Ton Hopper
    2. I’d like to see premium instructions kits for more rolling stock in the future.
    3. I think $1,000.00 USD is a little too expensive. I’d be willing to spend up to half of that, but I believe the premium instructions kits will be a greater hit, as it gives builders the freedom to customize colors/livery.

  5. The price point for entire steam engine might be too high for most fans, but perhaps just well-designed generic running gear kits (i.e., wheels and pistons in black and valve rods, etc. in grey) offered for several locomotive types (i.e., 4-6-0, 4-6-2, etc) might sell well at $50-100 each?

    Likewise, I would love to see a generic heavyweight kit…it could include trucks, underbody, base, roof, windows, and diaphragm or railings for an open vestibule…the builder could use their own bricks/plates for body to give a customized livery.

    Thanks for listening.

  6. 1. Either the hopper or a tank car nicely detailed would be great, especially if applicable to multiple eras and railroads.
    2. I would like to see both freight and generic passenger car instructions,parts list, & special/custom parts included. That way, one could build cars in one’s preferred livery/ies.
    3. I personally would love to have a Pacific steam loco, but also realize that modern American locomotives need some love too. Same format as above – instructions, partslist, & special parts included, to offer more customization & lower costs.

  7. 1. Hopper, as the railroads I am interested in hauled a lot of coal.

    2. I would love to see a nice caboose, or a diesel switcher.

    3. I think that a full steam locomotive kit would be rather cost-prohibitive for most people, but something like the boxcar, where you include instructions and third party items (side rods, BBB drivers, etc.) would be excellent Or just instructions. Especially would love this for one of Cale’s N&W articulateds, as they are incredible models and I am a big fan of the N&W, and articulated steam in general.

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