Making Train Axles, And Some Decals Too

Just a little update on the BMR Box Car Instructions from where we were at last week.


Our axles are being made as we speak. Check out this cool video of them being made.

Once we get the axles (hopefully in another week) and everything checks out, we’ll be able to set a definite date to release the kits.

BMR Decals

As mentioned in the previous update, we are also working on getting decal sets printed for those who want to build their own version of the Official BMR boxcar. Andrew Mollmann, who’s now producing custom decals for LEGO trains, is working on the BMR Decals for us. Here is the first test run.

Decals coming off the printer.
Decal test sheets.

These decals are printed on white vinyl with and adhesive backing, making them as easy to instal as genuine LEGO decals. We included extra numbers so you can personalize your car with your own road number if you wish. We should have the decals ready to order the same time the kits a released. We’re still shooting for a mid June release baring no further problems.


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