Next Stop, Main Street USA

Disneyland, Main Street USA Trolley by John Rudy

I’m a well known steam fan, but as a railroad fan, a very close second in my heart is trolleys. I’m a fan of any good trolley, tram or streetcar.  Builder John Rudy brings us this lovely model of the horse drawn trolley from Disneyland’s famous Main Street USA.

One of the horse drawn trolleys from Main Street USA at Disneyland.

Main Street, USA is the first “themed land” inside the main entrance inside Disneyland and the many ‘Disneyland’-style parks run by The Walt Disney Company around the world.

Modeled after classic small town transportation of the turn-of-the-century, the Main Street Trolley slowly trundles toward Sleeping Beauty Castle each morning, bridging the gap between reality and fantasy.

The trolley line in Disneyland’s Main Street USA is a 3 ft (914 mm) gauge tramway featuring horse-drawn streetcars typical of those from the United State around the 1890 to 1910 era. The trolleys are used to transport park attendees up and down main street, and also feature in shows throughout the day at the park.

Pulled by a powerful, and beautiful Clydesdale, the Main Street trolley take one on a journey back in time.

The Clydesdale pulling John model of the trolley is a stand out detail. It’s one of the nicest renditions of a draft hoarse and harness I’ve seen in LEGO. John drew inspiration for the hooves are from a MOC  by James Burrows which he saw at Brickfair Virgina 2016. John made the design his own with some heavy mods and rethinking (particularly the left front hoof). The harness is 100% John Rudy though, and is his first time using the long standing inverted tire technique.

The bright colors of the trolley invite you aboard to take a ride.

Of course the trolley itself can hold its own on looks. The bright colors and gold accents evoke the turn of the century is small town USA perfectly.

You can find John’s trolley and his other Disneyland creations on flickr.

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