Carriages matter

Einheitswagen I der Rhätischen Bahn (side) by Leuchtstein

We as Model Railroaders have a tendency to love locomotives. This is pretty understandable, seeing that without loco’s, our trains would just be big pieces of metal rusting on tracks. However, we should not neglect our carriages, because they deserve our unconditioned love as well. Thankfully Leuchtstein at 1000steine has understood this as no other and has build the iconic Einheitswagen I from the Rhätische Bahn, the well-known narrow gauge railway in Switzerland.

Also note the great greebling for the wheelsets, and the Nice Parts Usage (NPU) for using a Plate Modified 1×2 with Racers Car Grille on the ends of the car.

Einheitswagen I der Rhätischen Bahn (front) by Leuchtstein

Leuchtstein tells us the stickers are made with a Brother P-Touch labelwriter, due to this having the possibility to print white on transparent. Interesting to know if you don’t want to go to a printing store! The results are a bit more grainy then a print store, but overall the effect is really nice.

Some additional information for the number-lovers: The carriage is 8 wide, 41 long and build in 1:42, this due to the fact that RhB is a narrow gauge railway and thus a different scale has been used compared to regular 1435 mm. Overall some 950 parts were used.

The whole post can be seen and read here. Please have a look and be astonished of the details!

3 thoughts on “Carriages matter”

  1. This is a lovely carriage, but I’m excited about the stickers. The resolution is not great, but it’s good enough to outweigh the hassle of trying to match colours, which is what I currently have do do with paper stickers. So, I have ordered a Brother PT-1230PC Label Machine with four different types of tape to try out: black on white, white on clear, black on clear, and white on black.

    1. Would be great to hear what your experiences are! I remember doing some research myself for exactly the same reason: Matching colors with your printer is just so much of a pain… However, as usual, it got drowned in other projects and I forgot about it until I revisited this model last week.

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