LEGO® 9v Train Track Geometry: by Ashi Valkoinen

photo by Ashi Valkoinen

Understanding LEGO® track geometry, and best track layout practices, can be a little tricky for fans new to the hobby. And even veteran builders can learn new things about how the various LEGO track pieces can be used to create new layouts. Fortunately Hungarian LEGO train builder Ashi Valkoinen has written an excellent PDF on LEGO track Geometry, which we are happy to share with our readers here on Brick Model Railroader. It’s a great resource for any one who wants to understand better how to work with LEGO track.

You can read the PDF here, or you can download Ashi’s original PDF on LEGO 9v Train Track Geometry from the link bellow.

And if you are invested in seeing more of Ashi’s work be sure to visit his Brickshelf gallery and Facebook page though these links.


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LEGO® 9v Train Track Geometry by Donát Raáb


2 thoughts on “LEGO® 9v Train Track Geometry: by Ashi Valkoinen”

  1. Thanks Ashi! It’s great to have Bill Ward’s wonderful ideas on standard track geometry together with more recent track geometry techniques (including curves from straights).

    In M>LTC and VR>LGM we have developed a different approach to curves made from straights – we use “guides” beneath the track to hold the straight segments in position. These “guides” make it much easier (and therefore faster) to set up a curve from straights. Instructions for this approach are included in the document at the link below:

    The same approach can be used to make curves with different radii, too, as shown here:
    (Note: the smaller radii 9V curves have not been extensively tested, and reliable connectivity is not guaranteed.)

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