Tiny Tea Kettle in A big World

Sunday Afternoon Tea Train to Tetley:  A Diorama by BrickBaron

Outside of the world of LEGO® Trains, I’ve always has a bit of love for well done G Gauge trains and train layouts. It’s the whimsy that always seems to find it’s way into them. With the scale itself being so large, the modelers tend to pick relatively small trains to model to keep things manageable. Thus the trains take on an almost caricature like quality that brings out the fun in model railroading. That is exactly what you find here in BrickBaron’s scene, Sunday Afternoon Tea Train to Tetley.

The colors, the style, and the detail al work in harmony to build a believable cartoon world.

The whole scene comes together to look less like a train diorama, and more like a fanciful illustration. Mainly because it was inspired by the art illustrations of Rowland Emett and Peter Barnsfield, who’s work the builder came came across many years ago in an old magazine A.W.N.U.T.S. (Always whimsical and not always to scale).

LEGO Sunday Afternoon Tea Train to Tetley

I would say BrickBaron nailed the whimsy he was looking to portray quite beautifully.

LEGO Sunday Afternoon Tea Train to Tetley

You can’t help but fall in love with the little cartoon world created here. The little “tea kettle” of a locomotive is instantly endearing. The crew hustling along the side of the train serving tea brings on a smile, and the tiny little station invites you to come,  sit a while, and enjoy the fun.

LEGO Sunday Afternoon Tea Train to Tetley

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